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20 11 2008

Hayden Burns Photography has a new blog.

Check it out here……



A new fav for a sneak peak…….

16 11 2008



This was the best dressed family I have had in a long time. Such pizazz and class. You may recognize the older daughter as my senior rep. Well the fam wanted some Christmas cards and I think we’ve got some options. Thanks so much D family for braving the cold and moving quick! You all are Rockstars!




And a fun Christmas card too…..(the J’s and E’s down there are their names! It looks funny here!)



And a more traditional option…..




My little man is 1

15 11 2008

Happy Birthday little Jack Jack! I sure love the baby you have grown into! You are a true light in my life.

Here are a few from the cake smash.







And he was mad here cause he had cake all over him!



And his official one year portrait.


Sneak Peak for the B family

9 11 2008


This was the sweetest, most down-to-earth family! I loved the fact that we did these all in her beautiful home right where the kids feel the most comfortable. It just seems like the perfect place. It helped that their home had large windows and tons of natural light. Not to mention, fabulous furniture and a 100 year old piano. So pretty!

So here are some of the boys……




And one of the two girls.



And one of the whole gorgeous family!


Thanks for letting me hang out with you all!



Christmas cheer

4 11 2008

As the holidays get closer, I have started to order some beautiful Christmas cards for some clients. It’s been so exciting shooting all the families I have this year.

So in the spirit of Christmas, I am running a little contest. I am inviting you all to nominate someone special in your life for a free photography session with Hayden Burns Photography. It can be a family, your neighbor, the lady at church who always has you smiling, a newly engaged couple, the couple who just adopted a baby, whoever you think deserves something special this Christmas. All you need to do is email your story to haydenburnsphoto@gmail.com before December 15th. I will let you do the honors of telling the winner what they have won! The winner will receive a free session for January and a free spiral-bound brag book of all the images from the session.

Here’s to a happy and cheerful holiday season!


A little wedding action….

3 11 2008

Oh so beautiful! Oh so yummy light! Oh so yummy couple! These two were super wonderful and the most laid back people I have met in my life. Mrs. J was amazing and was so calm the whole day! I just love her not so highstrungness. Can you teach me how you do it? Mr. K was fun and totally in love with Mrs. J! I am one that doesn’t enjoy weddings much unless I am attending them, but this wedding was beyond perfect! From the weather to the location, (This being Paradise Pavillion. They don’t call it paradise for nothing!) everything went smooth. I loved that I could shoot the whole wedding ceremony in all natural light! NO FLASHES PEOPLE! I am primarily a natural light photographer and I love it when I can use that at a wedding. It makes for such better more flattering photos. Well congrats Mr. and Mrs. B! Your wedding was such a pleasure!


A little leisure relax in the grass.


The Bling!!!!!!!!!!


And my fav! The dance!

Something quite different for me

28 10 2008

Yes, I am primarily a family and child photographer but who doesn’t like to change things up every once and a while? Well a friend asked me to do some classy boudior shots of her for her hubby’s birthday. I have to say it was quite fun! Different lighting, different processing, fun angles and a chance to get in touch with my artistic side. Now this is a public family website, so no nudity here. But I thought I would share the beautiful Miss H!